Family Law

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Family Law

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Family Law proceedings involve many legal and factual considerations. Family Law proceedings are intended to deal with the rights and obligations of the parties upon the relationship ending.

The primary issues between the parties generally involve the following:

  1. The divorce;
  2. Child Support;
  3. Child Custody/Access;
  4. Spousal Support; and
  5. Equalization of Net Family Property.

Family Proceedings involve facts and the law but also emotions. Given the inherent nature of a relationship break up, there will be the potential for emotions to be high. A lawyer’s role is to help you decide what is a prudent or fair resolution or settlement of the legal issues; however, it is important for your lawyer to understand the emotions you are experiencing in order to help you understand what is in your best interests over the short and long term.

Further, it is important that the lawyer acts as your advocate and represents your interests in the proceeding; however, it is equally important that your lawyer makes you aware of the legal rights and obligations arising from the relationship break up and the expectations of the judge who may have to decide the matter, if a voluntary resolution or agreement is not possible.

Experience and an intimate understanding of the Court system, are very important factors when considering what lawyer you should retain.

It is imperative to know that it is very difficult to amend an existing Court Order or Separation Agreement that was consented to, entered in haste or without the input of experienced legal counsel.

The Divorce

A divorce can be obtained when the marriage breaks down and there is no reasonable prospect of the relationship reconciling and one year has passed. If there are children of the marriage, the Court will not entertain an application for divorce unless the issues of child support and child custody/access have been adequately and fairly dealt with by agreement or Court Order.


A 1 hour consultation to review the facts of your particular case can be obtained for a cost of $250.00. The purpose of a consultation is to provide a preliminary assessment of your case and potential legal options. Please call us at (613) 544-1482 to arrange your consultation.

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