Environmental Offences

Environmental Offences

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In Ontario, there are currently multiple levels of government regulations relating to various aspects of the natural environment and particular species. Contravention of these Acts such as the Environmental Protection Act, The Fisheries Act, and The Rare Species Act can result in prosecution under the Provincial Offences Act.

John Zuber of our firm was personally involved in a Fisheries Act matter. John Zuber was charged under the Fisheries Act and successfully challenged the Department of Fisheries’ warrantless search to gather evidence. In the Appeal decision, Mr. Justice Power found the Department of Fisheries has no ability to search without warrant. R. v. Zuber specifically changed the law effecting the Department of Fisheries and other environmental regulatory agencies to conduct searches without a warrant.

John Zuber understands the nature of these environmental offences and the difficulty that can be encountered when developing or making improvements to a property in order to ensure compliance with all environmental Acts and regulations are met.


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